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About This Project



11th International Exhibition of Fire and Rescue Technique EDURA 9-11 June 2016, Kielce, Poland


Targi Kielce will be the stage for the consecutive edition of highly-specialized exhibition, a showcase for gear and equipment as well as technologies used by rescue and fire- services. The trade show will also include fire protection and prevention. Following previous years’ example, EDURA 2016 is held under the auspices of the Minister of Interior, the Minister of Economy and enjoys the support of the State Fire Service Headquarters as well as Executive Council of the Republic of Poland’s Volunteer Fire Brigades Association.


The event is targeted at state and local authorities’ representatives, businesses and fire-protection milieus. EDURA 2016’s programme will encompass the competition for the best products for broadly-defined fire protection put on show at the expo. The specialised exhibition’s objective is to present state-of-the-art technologies used for fire protection, rescue services and natural disasters’ consequences liquidation.


The 2014’s, 10th EDURA edition was the showcase for the offer displayed by more than 170 exhibitors from 13 countries such as Italy, Germany, Sweden, Ireland, USA, Spain, Turkey, Belgium, Finland, United Kingdom, France, and even China. Their exhibition attracted more than 6,000 visitors.


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